A Private, Boutique Golf Course on Estate Grounds

... a gem to be discovered

What started as a boggy hobby deer farm in 1994 has morphed into this boutique golf course that stands out from most, with internationally familiar undulating greens, deep bunkering and water hazards all carefully placed to make for a very enjoyable and reasonably challenging gem of a course.

Shaped and perfected by then sister property in North Sydney, Terrey Hills Golf and Country Club’s greenkeepers, this unique course has risen from an open-drained, over-stocked deer farm to what it is today.   Continual maintenance and perfecting by our greens team headed by Bevin Cavey, keeps this small, unique course at the top of its game for golfers who recognise a good enjoyable course when they play one.

This course is the result of the vision of the principal owner of the Estate, a private man who in his time as an amateur champion and where golf became a major lifetime passion even as entrepreneurial pursuits took major play in his life.  His vision for the Estate is what it is today, where everything he wants is right here on the 100-acre piece of paradise; an unhurried day on the course carrying international standards of layout and design giving him a challenging and enjoyable play at every hole. Upon this vision, the Estate experience is offered to all guests to enjoy similarly.

This golf course is the cog that completes his vision of Estate living where the lodge enjoys spectacular views, the accommodation is simple, elegant and beautiful and chefs tailor meals with the best of produce New Zealand has to offer.  All this is accompanied by the best wines, the Estate’s own lakeshores, private helipad and jetty to fly fish or get the boat out on the lake and good natural thermal hot pools and a spa that replenishes your energies and centres your soul.


In 1997 this course was originally designed for 18 holes with shared fairways, double tees and double greens. A carpet map still hangs on the walls of the lodge showing the original layout.

The latest refurbishments and redesign in 2017 now presents 10 holes with individual features and challenges for each.  Golfer may play 9 holes or 18 holes on this very naturally laid out course. Plans are in place to reinstate all the original holes.



263 m
288 yd

The opening tee shot of this short par-4 is a layup toward the tree at the left edge of the fairway, followed by an approach shot around 70 meters to a green that tilts right-to-left and towards the lake. Aggressive players can attempt to drive the green, but must be prepared to challenge the many risks of this hole.  A moat runs around the green  from the right, behind and to the left of the green.



380 m
416 yd

A tee shot played right down the middle & between 2 large mounds on either side of the fairway sets up a flat lie 130 meters from the green that slopes left to right. Bear in mind that shots from the White & Blue tees are from the other side of the trout stream that separates them from the fairway.



195 m
213 yd

This iconic 600 sqm green can play 15m longer or shorter, depending on the pin placement. Beware of the bunker behind the green which cuts into the putting surface more than it appears from the tee.



430 m
470 yd

This hole doglegs to the left,, skirting around a lake & massive fairway bunker on the way to an elevated green which is the most challenging green on the course.  Aggressive drives will need to send their tee shots to the right of the fairway to avoid the water hazzard that becomes a massive fairway bunker. Its elevated green might be the most challenging on the course. The shorter the third shot you have, the better your chances.



352 m
384 yd

A tee shot that lands between the bunker on the left & the tree located on the right edge of the fairway is a good safe play. Aggressive drives would require shots around or over the tree to set up a short pitch to this well-protected green that steeply slopes from back to front.



467 m
511 yd

Rated 1 of the hardest par-5s in the Bay of Plenty. The safe play is a drive that finishes short of the stream in the middle of the fairway. Setting up an easy carry down the fairway that doglegs left. To a short pitch into this well-protected green that runs out to the stream, playing along the length of most the hole.



341 m
373 yd

The widest fairway on the course is hidden from the tee. A steep hillside to the left and stream side trees on the right demands careful placement of the ball. An aggressive line over the trees can set up a short pitch into this two-tiered green that runs out at the back.



175 m
191 yd

This is a very demanding but beautiful Par-3 hole that plays across the trout stream over trees to land onto the green that steeply slopes from back to front, surrounded by greenside bunkers.



398 m
435 yd

This very long Par 4 hole requires a big drive to land on the right side of the fairway. This will then open up the approach to set up a good lie to the beautiful elevated green protected by 3 greenside bunkers.



135 m
148 yd

This hole has the smallest green on the course but is no less challenging.  A tee shot across water will land you on the back to front sloping green which is well protected by sand bunkers to right, water to the left and also water to the back of the green.

Course Layout & Scorecard


“Golf is an exercise which is much used by a gentleman in Scotland……A man would live 10 years the longer for using this exercise once or twice a week.” Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745 – 1813)

Golf is a dignified sport.   One very wise man said, “Not every man is a gentleman and not every woman is a lady”.  Golf separates the gentlemen from the men and the ladies from the women.  Appropriate behaviour on the golf circuit must therefore match this dignity.

It is on the golf course where lifelong friendships are formed, business deals struck but most of all, a mutual respect for fellow golfers for a game well played or bad shots dissected and shared over a laugh and a beer.

Golf does not require throwing punches or beating up your opponent.  It is the opposite, in fact, where a handshake is given as a sign of respect for a shot well executed, a pat on the shoulder a sign of great effort and better players don’t trample on the others.  They often share tips and on how to improve – like true gentlemen and real ladies.

Golf dissolves the divide between borders, races, religions and creed. Wherever in the world they meet, golfers warm to each other no matter where they come from or what they do for a living.  Ingrained in them is a global set of rules called GOLF ETIQUETTE.

If you abide by these rules, you are sure to have a lovely time and allow other players to enjoy themselves as well.  You will also have an enthusiastic crew behind the scenes who will continue to prepare for you the very best course on the Estate to play on.


Green Fees & Prices

Our golf course on the 100-acre estate grounds will return to its private status once again. Our course shall remain closed on all NZ public holidays.

Casual Green Fee players

  1. The course will be available to casual players on some days each month.  Please check at  Golf Tee Time Booking Enquiry or  Golf Booking.
  2. There is no minimum booking requirements for casual golfers.
  3. No pre-payment is required. Payment may be made on the day of play.
  4. Prior bookings are essential. Please book your tee time through Golf Tee Time Booking Enquiry or  Golf Booking.
  5. No walk-in golfers will be admitted.
  6. Proper etiquette, dress and footwear are expected.

You may book a group of golfers to play OUTSIDE of the Casual days.  Please see following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 8 x 18-hole rounds or 12 x 9-hole rounds.
  2. Full pre-payment of your booking for the minimum number booked.
    (payment options available but please note credit card use entails a 3% bank surcharge).
  3. Any numbers less than the minimum required will not be refunded. No vouchers be issued for play on other days.
  4. Proper etiquette, footwear and dress are required on our course.  Please look at our course etiquette and dress requirements at
  5.  If weather does not permit play or our course superintendent closes the course, we shall let you know either on the day itself or just prior to your booking date by email or phone.
  6.  Cancellations & No shows
  • No shows on the day of play (ie no notice of cancellation) would mean you will not be welcome on the course again.
  • Cancellation on the day of play or no shows are subject to 100% cancellation fee. No refund is due.
  • If you choose to cancel your booking we would appreciate notice by email or by phone no later than by 12 noon of the day BEFORE your date of play.
  • If weather or for  any other reasons we cannot let you play on the day we shall inform you by email or phone 24 hours prior.

Prior bookings are essential. Please book your tee time through Golf Group Tee Time Booking Enquiry form or Golf Booking. We do not admit walk-in golfers.



Green Fees & Prices

Green Fees (9-holes)

$50 per person

Green Fees (18-holes)

$90 per person

Green Fees include complimentary tea and coffee at the Golf House.
Non-golfing companions may enjoy the tea & coffee bar at $5 per person.

For Hire

2-seater electric golf cart

$50 per cart

Pull trundler

$10 per trundler

Golf Club set

$30 per set

  • Additional service charge for electric carts to be at jetty (return trip) + $50 per cart.
  • Strictly only 2 persons and 2 golf bags are allowed on each electric cart. Both persons must be seated. No riding at the back of or hanging off the cart.
  • Only1 golf bag is allowed per pull trundler.


Logo Golf shirts

$40 each

Logo Golf caps

$45 – 65

Golf Balls (set of 3)

$20 per set

Golf Balls(2), Tees & Marker set

$18 per set

Bag of golf tees (12 tees)

$5 per bag


Packages & Gifting

Golf packages are available at Packages & Gifting/The Moose Lodge Experience.

Golfers may continue to enjoy complimentary coffee & tea at The Country Cottage & Tea Rooms anytime during their game.

In consideration of lodge guests and other players, the course requires all golfers to respect our requirements of dress, manners and course rules. Please note that the establishment reserves the right to terminate play without refund and ask that the offenders leave the property. Please refer to Course Etiquette, Rules & Dress code when booking or prior to your game.

Golfers may arrive by car or by boat at our private jetty. Electric golf carts may be requested to be at the jetty for a return trip to the golf course. A service charge of $50 per cart applies over cart hire fees of $50.

Prior bookings are essential. Please book your tee time through Golf Tee Time Booking Enquiry. We do not admit walk-in golfers.


The Country Cottage & Tea Rooms on the course where golfers not only check in for tee-off but enjoy complimentary tea & coffee, lunch, snack, read a magazine or have rounds of beer, wine and other beverages.

The course is designed alongside Nature and it is not more evident than from the Tea Rooms.  Views of the golf holes and tree-lined trout stream against forests, all backed by calls of pheasants, quail, Tuis, waterfowl and our free ranging hens and ducks reminds is we are in the beautiful countryside.  Our resident beauty, Gingernut the horse and her paddock mates, alpacas Isabella, Sofia, Maria with Boris our lone ram contribute to a peaceful pastoral setting.

The food is prepared in the Lodge by our chefs, sourcing or growing our own spray-free fruit and vegetables.

Golf accessories are available for purchase as are items such as jams, preserves from the lodge and fresh eggs from our happy hens when available.